Additions #5: English Plays (Heywood, Jonson, etc.)

  • Thomas Heywood, The English Traveler
  • Thomas Heywood, The Golden Age
  • Thomas Heywood, The Rape of Lucrece
  • Thomas Heywood, The Wise Woman of Hoxton
  • Richard Brome and Thomas Heywood, The Late Lancashire Witches
  • Thomas Heywood and William Rowley, Fortune by Land and Sea
  • John Cooke, Greene’s Tu Quoque
  • Ben Jonson, Bartholomew Fair
  • Ben Jonson, Cynthia’s Revels
  • Ben Jonson, Sejanus His Fall
  • Ben Jonson, The Alchemist
  • Ben Jonson, The Case is Altered
  • Ben Jonson, The Devil is an Ass
  • Ben Jonson, The New Inn
  • Ben Jonson, Volpone
  • Christopher Marlowe, Dido, Queen of Carthage

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